The re-enactor Group General Cler, is born to Magenta in 2003 in the within of the initiatives in memory of the battle of the 4 june 1859 and those events that carried to the realization of the unit of Italy, second the famous process like "Risorgimento".

The Group carries out the own activity in the within of military historical reconstruction, that is the so-called "re-enactement". This activity, practiced from many years to the foreign country, has been gone developing also in Italy, reaching to combine more and more gets passionate. The activity of historical reconstruction comes lead with rigor, without political scope and in the most absolute respect than every religion and in the most elevated spirit of friendship between the people.

General Joseph Gustave Cler

The heading to french General Jean Joseph Gustave Cler, fallen in the final phase of the french attack to Pontevecchio of Magenta the 4 june 1859, finds its justification beyond that in a right homage, also in the fact that the ours Group represents with its uniforms the unit where the General Cler has finished its career, the Regiment of the Zouaves of the Imperial Guard.

The General Cler was protagonist, like Colonel commander, with the 2th Zouave Regiment , to the battle of the Alma in Crimea in 1854, and then it guided the Zouaves of the Regiment of the Imperial Guard , just to Pontevecchio, like General commander of the lst Brigade of the lst Division of the Imperial Guard.

The Group has to its assets numerous participation to historical-reconstructive and commemorative events, in Italy (Magenta, Solferino, S.Martino, Melegnano and Turbigo) in France (franc-prussian war; Joux, Thanvillé, Belfort, Moncenis, Barraux and Plombières).

The Group participates moreover to national meetings of re-enactors Groups, beyond having participated to the military-expo of Militalia Novegro in Milan and to have represented the City of Magenta in occasion of the International Expo of the Tourism of Milan. Moreover from 2004 the Group is twinned with the french Group of re-enactors of the “Arquebusiers de l’Est” from Aubure in Alsace.

Moreover the Group it has one tightened relationship of collaboration with the Common of Magenta , being enrolled like Association of the city, and with cultural association of the ProLoco Magenta.

“Être Zouaves est un honneur, le rester est un devoir ! “