Pictures of the Zouave uniforms :

Notes : the fundamental elements of the uniform of the Zouave were: the fez (chéchia) that it could be encircled from turban, the short open jacket (shama), the vest (sédria), the wide pants tightened to the knee (sarouel) wrap, it of wool that encircled the life, high gaiters of burlap and the skin court gaiters (jambières). The colors were those typical of the French infantry with blue jacket and red pants (garance), thus like the fez, that it had ribbon of blue color for the regiments of line and color gold for the Regiment of the Guard. Jacket and vest brought back wide applications of red colour wool, while for the pants there are blue color. For the Regiment of the Guard the color was only used light yellow. On the jacket were brought back feints pockets (tombeau) the color within identified the regiment: red for 1st Regiment, white for 2nd Regiment, yellow for 3rd Regiment and blue for the Regiment of the Guard. Wrap was of color blue clearly, while the color of the turban was green till the 1868 and white man later on. Beginning from this period the use of the turban was limited to the parade uniform. The Regiment of the Guard wore a turban white man whose use was limited to the parade after 1864. During the campaign of Italy of the 1859 and franc-prussian war of the 1870 the turban practically it was not used.

Zouaves :




Zouaves of the Imperial Guard

1857 : Zouaves


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